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“Your eyes have been the same in every lifetime.”

After an uneventful week in September, Lindy Cook was hypnotized at a Spirit Week event at her high school and awoke to the realization that she is the physical embodiment of the universe. Along with the barrage of memories from lifetimes ranging from an ankylosaurus in the Cretaceous to a grunge groupie of the 1990s, Lindy is suddenly thrust into her place in the spotlight of the supernatural otherworld.

As her reality becomes one of evading monsters hellbent on unleashing entropy and romancing the shy werewolf in her class, it becomes clear that Daniel’s words to Lindy — “There is more to the world than you were brought up to believe” — are truer than either of them could have believed.


One Response to “About”

  1. Randie Chubin Says:

    Oh My Gosh,
    Margie and Mollie are both “that girl”, both in their own ways. However, Eli, will never be “that boy”, nor would he want to be.

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